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Friday, June 19, 2009

Best Free Music and Lyrics Accelerator Add On for Internet Explorer 8

This IE8 accelerator, FoxyTunes, is one of the best free music and lyrics search accelerators for Internet Explorer 8. Besides allowing you to control your music player from the toolbar it provides a plethora of information about any artist or song you are listening to. The "i" button (See #1) on the FoxyTunes toolbar produces an always on top box that allows access to the juiced up search and explore accelerators for this free music add on.

Click the down arrow (See #2)on the Explore tab for more selective options. Notice it calls this FoxyTunes Planet. It delivers. Clicking on that tab or artist option will open a new tab in Internet Explorer 8. This will start like you expect with a picture and bio of the artist or band then it opens up areas for Rhapsody, videos on Yahoo and Youtube, list of top tracks and albums, photos on Flicker... and it goes on. This Internet Explorer 8 accelerator goes out across the planet and brings back a ton of interesting and useful sites about the music you listen to.

Using FoxyTunes to find free music lyrics is easy. A box for lyrics appears on the right side if you use planet option. Another way to find free music lyrics with this IE 8 accelerator is to use the search function (See #3 below).

So, what if you don't have your new favorite song. There is a little Tab on the left side of the window to open up Rhapsody. It provides 25 free plays.

To give you a better idea of what this free music and lyrics accelerator for IE8 looks like I have provided a few screen shots of FoxyTunes Planet. I was listening to "Yesterday" - 30 Seconds to Mars. First view: Band logo, music on Rhapsody, lyrics for "Yesterday."

Second view: Band bio, Videos on Yahoo!, music on and photos at Flickr.

Third view: Top albums, Yahoo! search results, YouTube videos and albums at Amazon.

If you listen to music on your PC and want more info such as band bios and free music lyrics this is a great add on for you.

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