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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Truveo: an IE8 Add On Accelerator

Truveo Channels
An Internet Explorer add on, Truveo, the AOL video search engine, relaunched a couple of months ago. Frankly, its awesome. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at Truveo, then come back here. It doesn't host videos. It searches all over the web for videos related to your search term. Places you haven't even heard of that are putting up videos. These are displayed as channels on the left side of the page. It goes and finds them for you.

The Truveo add on for Internet Explorer 8 comes as an Accelerator with a preview. Once you have added it either by the tools menu or going straight to the IE8 add on gallery here you will be able to use it as any other Accelerator. accelerator icon
Highlight text and click on the accelerator icon that pops up. Choose "Browse videos with Truveo" and a preview will appear. You can wait on the preview or click again to open another tab in your IE8 browser for the Trueveo results.

IE8 Truveo add on results
I went looking for videos by the emerging band Lightning Dust. You can see the steps and results on this post. You can use Truveo to find vids for any topic, TV shows that are released on the web, how to vids, enviromental or even music videos. Have fun. Your comments and questions are welcome.

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